How It Works!

Rent your lane

When you come into the bowling alley, talk to the person at the reception desk and ask to rent a lane. Make sure to provide all the names of the players for score keeping.Prices:
Single Lane Rental By Game (4 People Max)
30 Minutes Time Limit For 1 Game
10K Gil/ Per Person
Single Lane Rental by Hour (4 People Max)
Unlimited Games within time limit
100k Gil/hour
Alley Buyout
Must Pre-reserve by contacting us on Discord
(2 Hours During open time only 12 People Max)

How to bowl

Once you have registered all your players, make sure that everyone has their chat switched to "Say"The first player will then start the game out.
- Please make sure to keep your rolls in order based on the score sheet, to help the score-keeper. They will notify the next player that it's their turn.
Type /Random 11 in Say Chat. The number you roll indicates how many pins have been knocked down. You will do this for both rolls. Any number rolled above the remaining number of pins is a gutterball worth 0 points.Each player gets 2 chances to bowl each round just like regular games (3 chances for the last round IF you get a space or strike for it). If you get a 10 for your first roll, thats a STRIKE! And your score will add your next two rolls on your next turn. If your rolls equal 10 between both (7 +3 for example) that's a SPARE! and your next 1 roll on your next turn will be added into the score. This will be done automatically on the score sheet.

Example 1:/Random 11You rolled a 11!
/Random 11You rolled a 3!Score 3!

Example 2/Random 11
You rolled a 9!
/Random 11
You rolled a 2!
(Or 3, or 4, etc.)
Congrats on your GUTTERBALL!

Example 3/Random 11
You rolled a 10!
You've rolled a Strike!
(do not do 2nd turn)
Your next round, the next two roll scores will be added to the strikes score.

Game scoring invented by VII-X BOWLING ALLEY in which we have received permission to use.
Please feel free to visit them on fridays! Here is their carrd.

Lane Availability

Looking to book in advance? Check here for our calendar and updates!